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Here are few items to note about Email Validator to help you get familiar with its functionality.
What is Email Validator?
Email Validator is a .NET component, also known as an assembly. It is written in 100% C# for speed and efficiency. It does not have any dependencies on any unmanaged code or COM libraries. Email Validator only requires the .NET framework to be installed on the computer.
Can I use Email Validator in windows applications?
Absolutely! You can use Email Validator from a Windows Form application, web services, ASP.NET web pages, and any other .NET supported application.
What can Email Validator do for me?
Email Validator allows you to validate email addresses and MX Records, from any .NET application. Email Validator can be used from ASP.NET web pages, to windows forms, to web services. The only limitation to using Email Validator is your programming imagination.

Validating MX Records
An overview of MX Records and how to retrieve them.

Validating Email Addresses
An overview of validating email addresses.

High Performance Features
An overview of Email Validator's high performance features and techniques.
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