Email Validator FAQ

What is Email Validator?

Email Validator is a .NET email component, also known as an assembly. It is written in 100% C# for speed and efficiency. It does not have any dependencies on any unmanaged code or COM libraries. Email Validator only requires the .NET framework to be installed on the computer.

What can Email Validator do for me?

Email Validator allows you to validate email addresses and MX Records, from any .NET application. Email Validator can be used from ASP.NET web pages, to windows forms, to web services. The only limitation to using Email Validator is your programming imagination.

Can I use Email Validator in windows applications?

Absolutely! You can use Email Validator from a Windows Form application, ASP.NET web pages, and any other .NET supported application.

Why am I getting a license exception with the Evaluation copy?

Evaluation copy will expire after 30 days of its first run. So after 30 days you will get this license exception error. You should purchase license copy from us. Click here to Purchase now!

How do you provide user feedback when an email is valid?

If you wanted to provide user feedback you could do something like this:
protected void Page_Load( object sender, EventArgs e )
if ( Page.IsPostBack )
if ( Page.IsValid )
//all validation controls passed.
//save email address in database.
// provide user feedback
Label1.Text = "Thank you, your details have been saved.";
//one or more validation controls have not passed.
// provide user feedback
Label1.Text = "There are errors on the page. " +
"Please correct them and re-submit.";

Who needs Email Validator?

Email Validator is useful to anyone who has an online presence and sends email or collects email addresses.

What do I need to run Email Validator?

Email Validator is a low overhead, highly optimized assembly that only needs the Microsoft .NET (or equivalent) framework to run. Any system that can support the Microsoft.NET framework will be able to use Email Validator. It can be used from any environment supported by .NET. These environments include winforms, ASP.NET, console applications, components, or web services.

License is per Server or per Developer?

You will get answer from license page.


How do I use Email Validator?

Email Validator can only be used programmatically from a .NET environment, including, but not limited to, ASP.NET, win forms, console applications, and web services. Here are two brief examples for using Email Validator from C# and Visual Basic. For more examples,
//set the email address
string EmailAddress = "";
MXValidateLevel level = mx.Validate( EmailAddress , MXValidateLevel.Mailbox );
if( level == MXValidateLevel.Mailbox)
Console.WriteLine( "Valid Email Address");
Console.WriteLine( "Not Valid Email Address");

[Visual Basic]

'set the email address
Dim EmailAddress As String = ""

Dim level As MXValidateLevel = mx.Validate(EmailAddress, MXValidateLevel.Mailbox)
If level = MXValidateLevel.Mailbox Then Console.WriteLine("Valid Email Address")
Console.WriteLine("Not Valid Email Address")
End If

Will Email Validator filter out all my bad email addresses?

Email Validator will filter out email addresses that are rejected by mail servers. Unfortunately Email Validator cannot detect hard bounces. Email Validator does not send an email, it only uses the best SMTP commands to *attempt* to send an email without actually sending one. Once the receiving mail server either accepts or denies the attempted send, Email Validator cleanly closes the mail server connection, without sending an email.

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