Email Validator Features

Email Validator having the high quality features described in detail.

WinForms and ASP.Net support

Email Validator allows you to validate email addresses and MX Records , from any .NET application. Email Validator can be used from ASP.NET web pages, to windows forms, to web services. The only limitation to using Email Validator is your programming imagination.

Invalid email detection syntax validation

Email Validation Control first checks syntax of email address before actually checking with SMTP server and mailbox.

DNS lookup on the domain for validity

By default ASP.Net Email Validator checks your system for your primary DNS server. As a benefit, you can specify specific DNS Servers in the form of a comma-delimited string. ASP.Net Email Validator will attempt to connect to each one, until a successful connection is made, and then use the first responsive DNS Server for the remainder of the ASP.Net Email Validator session.

High Performance Internal MX Cache

Email Validator has a built-in high performance internal cache that stores previously looked-up MX Records. For example, once the MX Records for have been determined, Email Validator no longer makes the expensive DNS Queries again, to determine those records. Instead, when the 2nd email address is encountered, that belongs to, Email Validator checks its internal cache to see if the records are there, and then uses those records. By default the Email Validator cache is set to time out every 15minutes, however, this time can be set by the programmer, to be minutes, hours, or even days!

Bad Email Address Internal List

How many times have you seen the email address '' or '' or '' entered into your address list? While all of these addresses are technically valid, they are probably not too useful to you or your list. Email Validator provides the capability to add these addresses to a 'Bad Address' list, and every time they are encountered, Email automatically fails them.

Supports Visual Studio 2008/2010/2013

Email Validator supports Visual Studio 2013.

Supports .Net Framework 4.0

Email Validator supports .Net Framework 4.0.

Coma separated validation

Email Validator now has the capability to validate comma separated email addresses.

Mailbox Domains* List:

Validating to the MX Records, Email Validator returns a successful validation for email address found in Known/Accepted Domains*.

* There are a number of domains that are known to exist, and have a high frequency of being added to your email list. Some of these Known/Accepted domains include ";;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;".