Why Us

Best-of-breed Features

Neev Software' products take pride in providing powerful .NET and ASP.NET solutions that not only cover the basic requirements by its users but go far and beyond. Our products have functionality and features unrivaled by similar products on the market. We provide high quality features and functionality in both products and services which help thousands of people.

High standards in Quality and Technologies

Neev Software defines high standards of every product starting from Design and Research phase to the Quality Assurance phase. Created with passion, Thoroughly-Tested, help thousands of developers every day to be more productive and deliver reliable applications. We provide quality services.

Affordable Pricing

Neev Software takes pride in offering the most competitive prices for our products and services. Sure you'll get less expensive and more expensive solutions, we offer mid range pricing which delivers a stable good quality product and services which does what you want. We guarantee the best features with this affordable pricing in both products and services.

Peer Recommended

Our registered users most often learn about our products and services from a friend or peer. Almost 97% of our users said they would recommend our products and services to a friend or peer, according to a recent on-line survey. That's the best recommendation you can have!

Fast Acting and Best Technical Support

We firmly believe our technical support professionals are the best in the business. Support issues are answered within few hours. Besides a highly efficient system, we offer full, detailed product documentation with all products - and a help system with frequently asked questions.

Constant Improvement and Updates

Neev Software constantly and consistently delivers product updates for enhancing functionalities, performances and other aspects. Our products are constantly being improved and updated to help your applications run at maximum throughput.